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[Fic] Pain

Author: Me
Characters: Austria, Italy, Romano (mentioned), Hungary (mentioned)
Rating: K+/T
Warnings: a couple of German swears and an injured hand. Also, adorableness.
Notes: For HetaChallenge Summer Flash Challenge. Table here.

The yelp left his lips before he could stop it...Collapse )

[Fic] The Sunspot

The Sunspot

Title: The Sunspot
Rating: M
Characters: Romano/Spain
Warnings: Blowjobs, excessive fluff
Summary: Antonio found Romano sleeping in the sun, so he did the obvious thing.
Note: For the random table prompt 'Light.' Table is here.

Sometimes, Romano was very much like a cat...Collapse )


Title: Trust
Rating: M, for very explicit sexual situations.
Characters: Italy/Germany
Warnings: Double penetration, rimming, felching, and excessive fluff.
Summary: Italy hoped Germany would be able to trust him enough.
Notes:Written for the kink meme Germany/Italy/Germany double penetration prompt.

Some things require more trust than others...Collapse )

Don Bonnefoy: a Dramedy

Title: Don Bonnefoy: a Dramedy
Author: studentsnark
Characters: France, France->Everyone, Germany/Italy, Romano/Spain, Ancient Rome
Rating: M
Summary: In a fusion of Don Giovanni, Don Bonnefoy has bedded thousands of men and women with the help of his trusty servant Antonio, but, alas, he makes one too many mistakes in his most recent conquests and has to deal with the hellish consequences.
Warnings: This is a fusion of Don Giovanni, and follows many of the framing devices thereof. Therefore, in this chapter, and only this chapter, there is an attempted sexual assault and character death as per the original opera.

Antonio liked the night...Collapse )

Title: No More Turtles
Characters: Romano/Spain
Challenge: Future
Bonus words: Someday, maybe
Rating: T
Summary: Romano is still mad about the last turtle related incident.
Warnings: Some foul language

Romano could only hope it wasn't a turtle...Collapse )

[Drabble Challenge]--Team Allies--"Finally"

Title: Finally
Characters: Sweden, Finland, Sealand
Challenge: Future
Bonus words: Hope, maybe
Rating: G
Summary: They finally had a child.

Tino liked to think that he was the sort who lived in the moment...Collapse )

[Challenge] Random Table Challenge Spamano

I need prompts, which is apparently why I only fill for the kink meme. So, I'm doing the Hetachallenge Random Table challenge, with fiction, of course.

Table...Collapse )